Base Maintenance

Rib 5

Monarch Aircraft Engineering has recently carried out SB A300-57-6106, which relates to the rib 5 bush modification on the Monarch Airlines A300-600 fleet and believe our experience in doing this rework and the experience we have gained will be useful to your airline. This SB will shortly become mandated into an AD and as we understand it compliance will be within 30 months. The A300B4 and A310 SB’s are SB A300-57-0249 and SB A310-57-2090.

The SB itself requires aircraft jacking and MLG removal prior to embodiment. The modification requires removal of old bushes; machining the lug bores and faces then the installation of new bushes that have been machined to the given tolerance. At the recent Airbus symposium many operators expressed concern about performing this AD embodiment.

We are offering our services to perform this modification either as part of the next ‘C’ check on your fleet of aircraft or we can provide a working party and carry the work out at your MRO provider. Our preference is to do the work in our own facilities but it can be done at a location of your choice.

We also expect that the rib 5 lower flange inspections will become an AD during 2010 and can complete this work at the same time if you wish.

For further information on this and any other requirement then please feel free to contact a member of the sales team on +44 1582 398644.

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