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Boeing Global Fleet Care Partnership

Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) has been at the forefront of UK and European MRO services since its inception in 1967 and was a pioneer in the provision of maintenance services to airlines from its earliest days. With this pedigree, it is proud of being one of a small number of Boeing approved Global Fleet Care MROs in the world.

Boeing Global Fleet Care

Boeing Global Fleet Care is a premier integrated service that brings together the essential support and solutions to successfully manage the materials, engineering and maintenance of your fleet.

As a Global Fleet Care partner, MAEL provides airframe maintenance services to predominantly support the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, although solutions are not just limited to this type. Boeing has expanded Global Fleet Care to include other types such as the Next Generation Boeing 737.


In 2013 we built one of Europe’s largest state-of-the-art maintenance hangars at Birmingham Airport in the UK. At 110,000 sq,ft it has the capacity to hold two Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft side by side, plus other wide and narrow body aircraft. It will become a centre of excellence for servicing the world’s leading airlines. In addition to our Birmingham facility we have heavy maintenance hangars at Luton.

Our base maintenance facilities in the UK (Birmingham and Luton) are Boeing Global Fleet Care approved along with our line maintenance facility at Gatwick.

MAEL has a substantial amount of Boeing 787 Dreamliner tooling including engine change equipment/hydraulic rig and we are actively performing base maintenance support for this aircraft (Phased Checks, Engine changes and SB’s) at our Birmingham facility.

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