Here is a glossary of our frequently used aircraft maintenance related terms and abbreviations:

Term Definition
A Check Depending on the Aircraft Type and Maintenance Program these regular checks are performed every xx flight hours or cycles
ACS Airframe Care Services
AD Airworthiness Directive - a mandatory notification issued to owners and operators of certified aircraft to address an unsafe condition
AGP Malaga Airport
ALC Alicante Airport
AMOS Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System by Swiss-AS
AMP Aircraft Maintenance Program
AOC Air Operator's Certificate
AOG Aircraft On Ground - an aircraft prevented from flying due to a problem requiring maintenance in order to return to service
AOG Desk Support desk offering stock availability on consumable and rotable aircraft parts and components for sale, loan or exchange to support your AOG, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
ARC Airworthiness Review Certificate
B Check Aircraft maintenance performed approximately every 4–6 months
B1 EASA Part 66 Category Aircraft Maintenance Licence - Mechanic
B2 EASA Part 66 Category Aircraft Maintenance Licence - Avionics
Base Maintenance Heavy aircraft maintenance or work outside of line maintenance carried out within a hangar
BHX Birmingham Airport
C Check Extensive aircraft maintenance performed approximately every 20–24 months or a specific amount of actual flight hours (FH) or as defined by the manufacturer
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
CAR 21 Certification procedures for aircraft and related products and parts
Check Planned aircraft maintenance, performed at a specific amount of flight hours or cycles or as defined by the manufacturer
CMC Component Maintenance Centre
CofA Certificate of Airworthiness
Consumable An aircraft part e.g. gaskets, seals, O-rings etc. that can only be used once
Cycles An aircraft's takeoff and landing is considered a "cycle"
D Check Heavy aircraft maintenance performed approximately every 5 years
DOA Design Organisation Approval
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EASA Part 145 EASA regulations for Maintenance Organisation Approval
EASA Part 147 EASA regulations for Training Organisation Requirements
EASA Part 21 G EASA regulations for Production Organisation Approval
EASA Part 21 J EASA regulations for Design Organisation Approval
EASA Part 66 EASA regulations for Certifying Staff
EASA Part M EASA regulations for Continuing Airworthiness
EDI Edinburgh Airport
EMA East Midlands Airport
ETOPs Extended range Twin engine Operations
EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems
Expendable An aircraft item e.g. oils, greases etc. that can only be used once
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
FAR Part 145 Federal Aviation Regulation Part 145 - Repair Station Certification (USA)
FH Flight Hours
GCAA General Civil Aviation Authority (UAE)
HMV Heavy Maintenance Visit (D Check)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
IFE In-Flight Entertainment
IMV Intermediate Maintenance Visit (C Check)
IOC Integrated Operations Centre
LBA Leeds Bradford Airport
LGW London Gatwick Airport
Line Maintenance Aircraft maintenance tasks which can be performed outside of a hangar (under open skies) except for situations in which the weather deteriorates to such conditions, that a hangar becomes mandatory
LMV Light Maintenance Visit (A Check)
LTN London Luton Airport
MAEL Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd
MAETA Monarch Aircraft Engineering Training Academy
MAN Manchester Airport
MOC Maintenance Operations Centre
MPAC Maintenance Planning and Control
MPD Maintenance Planning Document
MRO Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
MSAVI Monarch Standards and Values Information
MTS Monarch Technical Support
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
PBH Power By the Hour
QA Quality Assurance
QEC Quick Engine Change
RAeS Royal Aeronautical Society
RAF Royal Air Force
Rotable An aircraft component which has a serial number and can be repaired or overhauled e.g. engines, pumps, actuators etc. and returned to service
SB Service Bulletin - an improvement in design or alteration often to improve costs or performance
SFAR 88 Special Federal Aviation Regulation 88 - Fuel Tank Safety (USA)
SMART Specialised Monarch AOG Response Team
SMS Safety Management System
SRT Single Running Task - forms part of an aircraft check
STC Supplemental Type Certificate - issued after a modification
TC Type Certificate - certification signifying the airworthiness of an aircraft's approved manufactured design
WAW Warsaw Airport
WO Workorder - a specific schedule of work which forms part of an aircraft check
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